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Do You Have Clients Who Forget To Take Medication?

Your clients can receive phone calls to remind them to do things that matter.

1) Sue's client Joe was forgetting to take medication, Sue was very busy but had to remind him each time, they were both struggling.

2) CareCalls now rings Joe each day when he is meant to take medication and reminds him.

3) If Joe doesn't respond to a call, his son and neighbor are informed.

4) So everyone feels peace of mind knowing someone is there to check up on Joe.

Built for busy social workers and care staff

Set up takes under 3 minutes

No nightmarish paperwork or unnecessary questions. Calls start immediately.

Dont worry about payment

We set it up with the client, next of kin, local authority or private care company management.

See how they are doing

Request a comprehensive client report at any time.

Want to know what it is like to receive a call from us?

Receive an example call to your phone and experience CareCalls for yourself.

2 Week Free Trial: Set Up A CareCall In Less Than 3 Minutes

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CareCalls is £12 a month

Payment starts after a two week free trial and includes as many calls are needed. For public sector or private care company funded CareCalls read more here.

Educate staff and clients with a brochure and info pack

Offer CareCalls as a service though your council or company

Who have we helped to be more independent today?

People with early stage Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Memory Loss, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities and those who are just a bit forgetful are all using CareCalls to become independent.

Dad loves that my voice reminds him to lock the doors each evening, very reassuring, thankyou.

David Perry On April 25th 2017

Lifesaver. I was warned when my mother didn't answer the phone, turned out she had a fall.

Ellen Watts on June 17th 2017

Great service, very helpful on the phone.

Annie Spark on March 1st 2017

See more reviews on trustpilot - Scored 8.3/10.

Loved by local authorities and businesses

A trusted voice

Create a personalised message for them to hear when answering the phone. It's quick and easy to set up.

Respond to potential emergencies immediately

If there is no response to a phone call, up to four people can be notified via text, phone or email.

Support when you need it

We are always here to answer questions or help you make changes.

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